Water could be present on Earth before the impact that created the moon.

Water could be present on Earth before the impact that created the moon.

In front of you is the far side of the moon, illuminated by the sun.

Scientists from Britain, France and the United States found evidence that most of the earth’s water was present before the impact of the moon.

The prevailing theory reports that the Earth’s satellite appeared after the Martian parameters object hit the Earth, after which the ejected material merged into the Moon. It was also believed that most of the water came to us in comets and asteroids. However, a new study with its arguments supports the first theory, but conflicts with the second.

Scientists studied lunar samples obtained by the Apollo mission, as well as volcanic rocks from the oceanic bottom of our planet. The oxygen isotopes are put at the forefront. This allowed us to compare materials from different sources. The analysis showed that the oxygen isotopes of the Moon and Earth are surprisingly similar. That is, the Moon did emerge from earthly material as a result of a collision. However, this does not agree with the theory of comet-asteroid delivery of water, because then the isotopes should have been different from the moon. It turns out that most of the water was still present on the protoplanetary Earth and survived after a massive impact.

If so, then the chances of finding life on foreign worlds increase. Previously, exoplanets that encountered in their development were removed from the search list. Now they can be returned to the study.

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