No flag scene! What angered Americans in Man on the Moon?

No flag scene! What angered Americans in Man on the Moon?

Ryan Gosling plays the role of Neil Armstrong in the movie “Man on the Moon” (2018)

Neil Armstrong’s sons stood up for Damien Chazelle’s film “Man on the Moon” about landing on the moon. The problem is that conservative researchers have condemned the picture for not showing the moment when the American flag was raised on the lunar surface. However, Eric and Mark Armstrongi stood up for the film and explained that there is nothing “anti-American” in it.

They said it was a universal human story. Yes, it celebrates America’s achievement, but it also raises the question of the breakthrough of all mankind, and not of one nation. The filmmakers preferred to focus on the Nile, looking back at Earth, its walk through the crater and the unique personal experience of completing a historic journey, which included not only triumphs, but also a series of painful losses.

“Man on the Moon” includes several shots with the American flag on the Moon, but he did not show the moment of raising. After the premiere at the Venice Film Festival, some commentators expressed a negative on this very moment. But mostly they pounced on Ryan Gosling, who said: “The achievements of an astronaut above countries and borders.” Columnist Bill Kristol argued that the film was “a stupid and pernicious falsification of history.” Marco Rubio, running for the presidency of the Republicans, called “Man on the Moon” simply insane. But Chazell declares that the moment with the flag was not a political decision, but an aesthetic one. The director was important to display the moments of risk and objectives of the lunar mission through the eyes of Armstrong.

“My goal,” says Chazell, “is to share with the audience unknown aspects of America’s mission to the moon, namely the experiences of Nil himself. What he felt and what he was thinking at these important moments on the earth’s satellite. ”

Despite the story with the flag, critics speak positively about the picture. In the Russian box office "Man on the Moon" will be released October 11, 2018.

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