“Man on the Moon”: the emotional side of Neil Armstrong’s life

“Man on the Moon”: the emotional side of Neil Armstrong’s life

On October 11, it will be possible to immerse yourself again in the history of the first human lunar flight, filmed by Josh Singer’s adaptation of the book The First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong by James R. Hansen.

The main role of Neil Armstrong went to Ryan Gosling, who seems to fit perfectly with the image. Janet's wife was lucky to play Emmy-winning actress Claire Foy. The cast members also include the magnificent Kyle Chandler, Jason Clark and Pablo Schreiber.

We will not talk about the historical accuracy of the film, but it can be noted that the picture coped well with this task. Damien Chazell decided to concentrate on one of his favorite topics - obsession. Armstrong looks unshakable in his commitment to each mission. It is worth noting that his extreme concentration and purposefulness, as well as his composure is akin to a robot, saved his life many times.

The film begins with the sixth test flight of the Nile on the X-15 (April 20, 1962). We find ourselves at the scene of the accident, where the hero miraculously manages to get out alive.

“Man on the Moon”: the emotional side of Neil Armstrong’s life

Ryan Gosling plays the role of Neil Armstrong in the movie “Man on the Moon” Does not forget to include the director and the history of the mission of Gemini-8, filling the picture with individuality and historicism. Sometimes it even seems that the camera puts us in the direction of documentary. Dark empty space is emphasized by the light of the Gemini spacecraft.

Interestingly, the director reports the story on behalf of the astronauts, so most of the frames are focused on them, and not on space or on demonstrations of space and technological wonders. Together with the heroes you will have to go through the difficult and tragic stages of the missions, listening to the roar of rocket roars and loosening ship parts.

“Man on the Moon”: the emotional side of Neil Armstrong’s life

Claire Foy as Janet Armstrong in the film “Man on the Moon” (2018)

As history develops, we manage to penetrate deeper into Armstrong's psyche. After all, this is not a dry display of the historical mission or development of the American space program. This is a story about a great man who is able to save composure and composure even in moments of mortal danger. The scene at the dinner table seems to be indicative, where Janet tells the children that the father may not return from space. Here Armstrong is not ready to open up emotionally and behaves as if he is giving a press conference. Neil - a man who was forced to face not only the risk to his own life, but also the death of fellow astronauts. Janet in one of the scenes said that her husband during the year had to mourn the death of four friends at once. The film reflects his relationship and friendship with astronauts Gemini, but does not try to constantly use this move and poke them in the face of the viewer for more drama.

At the premiere of the film on August 29 at the Venice Film Festival, Gosling said: “It seems to me that Neil was a very modest person, like many of these astronauts. He constantly shifted the focus of attention to 400,000 employees, thanks to which the flight became possible. I don’t think he perceived himself as an American hero. ”

Of course, we know how the mission will end and what fate awaits each character. But this does not prevent to enjoy the amazing scenes of the flight, the first step, look at the Earth and survive the terrible losses that helped humanity to touch another world.

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