Finally! Created a glass for space martini!

Finally! Created a glass for space martini!

This is a weightless cocktail glass developed by Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation using a unique groove system that retains liquid under microgravity conditions. And if the astronauts dream of stylishly drinking drinks on board the spacecraft, they will soon be able to use the open-top cocktail glass.

The glass was created in the framework of the project “Zero Gravity”, the idea of ​​which is to develop a cocktail glass suitable for use in space. The design of the glass uses an innovative system of grooves, which keeps the liquid under control and allows you to use freely drink beverages in zero gravity.

At the moment, the authors of the project from the company “Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation” are looking for investors through the site However, until now, the company has not been able to raise $ 2,000, so it is very doubtful that by April 2 of this year, the required $ 30,000 will be in its account.

Even the most modern technologies allow astronauts to quench their thirst only from closed containers, where straw is inserted. A happy exception is astronaut Don Petit, enjoying his favorite coffee in a cup with zero gravity. With new cocktail glasses, space travelers will be able to feel closer to home, using objects resembling “earthly” ones. “We have created an open top drinking container that will allow you to enjoy not only the taste, but also the aroma of the drink, as well as to keep the liquid under absolute control. Thanks to a special system, you can safely suck the drink without saying a single drop ”- written on the site

We also hope that our idea will inspire other researchers to develop space orbital hotels and alien settlements, where people can relax and enjoy delicious drinks, regardless of the force of gravity. Aesthetic design is equally important technical capabilities. And this statement is very important for our cocktail glass!

According to the site, part of the investment may be aimed at creating several 3D prototypes of the glass, so that engineers can revise and improve its design. At the same time, a high or medium level printer can be used. Ordinary household 3D-printers are not suitable here, because they are unable to fully maintain the structure of the glass.

Also, the collected funds will be used to check the glass during a parabolic flight, when the force of gravity changes, and also to find a third-party developer capable of minimizing production costs in the long term. The company's long-term goal is to deliver unique glasses to the International Space Station using a special space printer. However, specific dates have not yet been disclosed.

The idea has already received approval from the Foundation for the Study of Outer Space and the Society for Space Tourism. At the moment, a private space traveler Richard Garriott and senior specialist of the 3D Autodesk design company Jonathan Knowles are working on the project.

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