Scott Kelly spoke about his impressions after a year in space

Scott Kelly spoke about his impressions after a year in space

His muscles were inflamed, his joints numb, his skin became hypersensitive, and in general he was exhausted. This is the first American astronaut who spent nearly a year in space, scientists told reporters on Friday.

To realize the long-term effect after being in space on the human body, NASA decided to conduct an experiment and involve twins in it!

“I'm kind of surprised that I really feel a little different physically than I did a long time ago. This concerns muscle sensitivity and joint pain, ”said Scott Kelly (now 52 years old) during his first press conference immediately after returning to Earth after 340 days in orbit.

Being in space for a long time is also the cause of a “skin problem”.! Since I have not touched anything for a long time, any tactile contact brings me pain similar to burning. So everywhere: whether I am sitting, lying or walking, ”- said Kelly.

Kelly and two Russian astronauts, including Mikhail Korienko, who was a member of the crew of Kelly for a year in space, landed in Kazakhstan late on Tuesday night.

Kelly, a veteran of three previous NASA space missions, returned to the Johnson Space Center in Houston the very next day and immediately began a series of medical examinations that will last about a year.

“Initially, after this flight, leaving the capsule, I felt better than I did last time, but after a while the two lines crossed in me and my muscle sensitivity level was ten times higher,” said Kelly. “It was kind of unexpected.” NASA and its space program partners supported Kelly and Kornienko during the year, as the pilot program intended to pave the way for missions to Mars that would take more than two years. As a rule, teams are aboard the space station for six months.

Kelly told reporters that the year in space lasts a very long time, but it would probably have become longer if it were not for serious things to do.

“It seemed that I was already there forever,” said Kelly.

Every day before the astronaut opened the view of the Earth.

“I have seen tremendous pollution in some parts of Asia. You cannot really see it very well from Earth. And those lights in California ... Smog overlapped them and much of the American area, ”said Kelly.

“But the most important thing is how thin the atmosphere has become, like fragile glass. I was alarmed by this. ”

“People often say that we must save the planet. But we are the problem. I think the planet will eventually come to its senses, but it will probably happen without people, ”said Kelly.

“Taking care of the air to breathe, purify the water that we drink is very important. I truly believe that we have a great impact on the environment. ”

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