Radio congestion can be triggered every second

Radio congestion can be triggered every second

The artistic interpretation of a part of the cosmic web is the filamentary structure of galaxies, which extends throughout space. Bright blue dots - signals from fast radio interferences that can accumulate during radio communication and persist for several minutes.

The first radio explosions were noticed in 2001 and it was an amazing sight. Since then, they have found dozens of similar events, but scientists still do not know what creates these rapid and powerful bursts of radio emission.

The latest data shows that at least one radio explosion occurs every second. If so, then the sky is reminiscent of a paparazzi attack. But they manifest themselves in the airwaves. To explore them, scientists followed the outbreak 121102, distant by 3 billion light years. It was first noticed in 2002, but repeats flashing.

The exact nature of the event is still mysterious. But many believe that most of the outbreaks appear from galaxies at a distance of billions of light years. Most likely this is a by-product of rapidly rotating neutron stars with incredibly powerful magnetic fields. They can be used to study the structure and evolution of the Universe. This is an intermediate material, eroding the signal from the background radiation. Detailed study will help to understand the relative amount of ordinary matter, dark energy and matter, which affect the rate of expansion of space.

Also with the help of radio flashes it can be understood that the hydrogen atoms in the early Universe had broken into electrons and protons when the temperature had dropped. Find them out with new radio telescopes. This is a square kilometer array that is under development. There is a Canadian experiment on mapping the intensity of hydrogen.

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