Fast radio bursts will help unravel the secrets of the universe

Fast radio bursts will help unravel the secrets of the universe

Researchers are not discarding the possibility that advanced alien civilizations may try to send us a message. Therefore, they focus on fast radio bursts (FRB) coming from distant galaxies without a specific source. Some believe that it may be signals from aliens.

Why does FRB seem so important and what is it all about. FRB are intense signals that resemble radio or laser signals. They can be both natural and artificially created. Researchers argue about where they came from, especially since this is a rare occurrence. Over the past decade, less than 20 FRBs have been found. Search using giant radio telescopes, like Arecibo in Puerto Rico.

Fast radio bursts will help unravel the secrets of the universe

The artistic vision of the ASKAP CSIRO radio telescope, which detected fast radio bursts. Scientists do not know what causes these features, but the process should include energy equivalent to the amount emitted by the Sun over 80 years.

These signals are incredibly bright, and nature remains mysterious. They require coherent radiation from many electrons of the type that they receive in a radio antenna or laser. FRB may be present in the Milky Way. These signals should be louder than FRB from distant galaxies. Therefore, to detect them, you can use a network of mobile phones. There are large radio telescopes on the ground that capture FRB. But most events last for a thousandth of a second and come from the edge of the universe. But with the signal from the Milky Way, everything is different.

Astrophysicist Avi Loeb says:

Since FRB from the Milky Way seem much brighter, they can be fixed using a mobile phone or a small electronic device that costs tens of dollars. It will save money, because radio telescopes cost much more than ”.

Study co-author Dan Maoz adds: “Large radio telescopes can study a specific small part of the sky at certain times. They are designed to search for signals billions of times weaker than the nearest FRB. And the problem is that no one can predict where these signals will appear. But a network of mobile phones with a special application seems to be an ideal opportunity to receive the nearest FRB ”.

With the help of civilian scientists, researchers can study FRB at various radiation frequencies, such as radio waves, visible light, and X-rays. One of the possibilities is the “Civilian Scholar” program, where people can listen and record FRB candidates with the help of a special application, and then upload records to the site.

Fast radio bursts will help unravel the secrets of the universe

Another option is to use FM radio receivers in cell phones to search for FRB at lower frequencies. There is a third option - the use of special 10-dollar radios. They can be connected to the USB ports of computers to form a global reception network.

If FRBs occur in our galaxy, the global network of telephones or radio receivers can “hear” them. Moreover, the previous signals recorded at radio frequencies corresponding to the frequencies for Wi-Fi and cell phones. Therefore, if aliens exist, they can reach us.

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