Give meteorite for Valentine's Day

Give meteorite for Valentine's Day

Make Valentine's Day memorable and give your favorite piece of space. Yes, this is not the famous “Heart of the Ocean” from the movie “Titanic”, but the gesture seems truly romantic. The unusual Russian meteorite “Heart of the Cosmos” (due to the romantic shape) will be put up for auction at Christie's on February 6.

The space stone originated from the meteorite that created the fireball over the Sikhote-Alin volcanic field in Siberia in 1947. The width is pulled out by 23 cm and weighs more than 10 kg. The event caused chaos, as it led to shock waves, smashing windows and falling trees.

Christie's description speaks of the extremely rare form of cosmic stone, which appeared as a result of random splitting along the crystal planes. A particular iron meteorite is covered with regmaglipts (resemble fingerprints).

So far, the estimated price is $ 500,000, and the auction house continues to accept online bids.

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