An eyewitness filmed an unknown fireball over Krasnoyarsk

An eyewitness filmed an unknown fireball over Krasnoyarsk

Earth rotates not in a vacuum, but in active space. Therefore, periodically attacked by space rocks. Some are huge enough to cause the extermination of dinosaurs. And others can end their existence in the form of a bright, but relatively safe event.

Extraterrestrial Guests

An eyewitness filmed an unknown fireball over Krasnoyarsk

Do not think that the arrival of meteorites is a rare phenomenon. We are talking about celestial objects that fall on the surface of other large space bodies. Of course, such events as the fall of the Tungus meteorite or the culprit in the creation of the Chicxulub crater rarely occur (and this is good for earthlings). But meteorites fall to Earth all the time.

The analysis shows that in one day our planet is covered with 5-6 tons of meteorites, and for the year - 2000 tons. Most are represented by tiny centimeter shards and dust. Thank you for this is the earthly atmosphere in which large stones are burning, creating bright lights.

Every year we admire meteoric rain. But there are some isolated cases that come to us completely unexpectedly.

Meteorite in Krasnoyarsk

An eyewitness filmed an unknown fireball over Krasnoyarsk

In the evening of March 15, 2019, in the village of Tura (Evenkia, Krasnoyarsk Territory), local residents could watch a strange show in the dark sky. An unusual spherical object flew at high speed and disappeared beyond the horizon. This event has already been seen by many thanks to the video of one of the drivers recorded on the recorder. Initially, we see a greenish light that changes from yellow to bright orange when dropped, and fades somewhere closer to the surface. The moment of the collision itself remained behind the camera's visibility zone.

What was it?

An eyewitness filmed an unknown fireball over Krasnoyarsk

While information is too small to respond. All collected data is obtained from the mouth of eyewitnesses or video. The culprits include a meteorite (although no one wrote about falling anywhere) or a rocket stage.

Representatives of the Evenki district also confirm that they watched the object at the time of the fall, but they know nothing about its nature. No one claimed the victims, which means that the object collapsed outside the village. No seismic activity was also recorded. One video expert suggested that if it was a meteorite, then its size should not exceed 10 cm.


In the near future, they are planning to send experts to the intended site of the meteorite / rocket stage. Interestingly, this is not the first such event this year. February 10, 2019, Venezuelans also admired the arrival of a strange fireball. The meteoric nature of the incident was never confirmed. However, eyewitnesses claimed that the mysterious celestial guest caused a serious fire (it was also recorded on video).

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