Interpretation of dreams online - convenient and understandable

Interpretation of dreams online - convenient and understandable

When a question concerns the interpretation of dreams, opinions are divided here - some believe in dreams, others reject the idea that dreams can be things. On the site for you is the online Dream Book No. 1, where you can learn the interpretation of dreams in a comfortable home environment by looking at the site at any time of the day. For you - horoscopes and fortune-telling by TARO, magic and prayers, forecasts and ideology, esotericism - all these sections will allow everyone to look into the future, to know their fate. Such knowledge will help to avoid any troubles, problems in life. The magazine about the unknown FELOMENA will be interesting to everyone who believes in magic and predictions, horoscopes and dream books. Here you will find a lot of useful and interesting information for yourself. And access to the site is absolutely unlimited. So, choosing a convenient time, everyone can get to the site and get acquainted with the necessary information.

More information about the dream book, interpretation of dreams

Nature has provided for a person a dream so that the body can recover and reboot after a hard day. But why does a man dream? What is it - the costs of waking brain activity or something else? Distant ancestors had a special opinion on this matter. They endowed dreams with an important mission — to predict the future. And this applies not only to individuals, but to the entire planet. They believed that dreams are a coded message from creatures of a higher order, and meaning, under certain conditions, can be revealed to man.

For centuries, dreams have been interpreted by specially trained or specially gifted people. Modern man has plenty of opportunities to access the fruits of age-old observations, as well as divine revelations. The same applies to scrupulous research.

There are many possibilities for interpreting dreams:

  • Miller's Dream Interpretation;
  • Dream Interpretation Nostradamus;
  • Dream Vanga;
  • Freight's Dream Interpretation;
  • Esoteric dream book;
  • French and English, as well as Assyrian dream books.

In each dream book interpretations may be different. There is a history of creation and a reference point for interpreting visions, as well as a degree of symbolism.

Sleep and interpretation from the point of view of psychology

From the point of view of science and psychology, as well as esoteric, the concept of sleep may differ. Psychics as well as astrologers attach great importance to dreams. As for doctors, they perceive sleep as a normal process in a person’s life.

According to psychologists, sleep allows you to understand the human person.

For each person, sleep plays an important role and is perceived by each differently. Due to the unique puzzle of the brain, it becomes possible to plunge into the present fascinating journey, to make perceive events as a reality. And it is important to understand the difference between dreams and dreams. Sleep is a display of the physiological process, inhibition of the activity of the organism. As for dreams, they indicate the normal activity of the brain. These are related, often scattered fragments of events occurring in the head like a movie.

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