Why do we fly in a dream?

Why do we fly in a dream?

Unfortunately, by nature man is not adapted to fly on his own. Modern progress allows a person to fly at maximum altitudes, however, to feel free flight in the sky and now it is possible only in a dream. Every person has been able to fly in a dream more than once in his life. But where did this ability come from?

Child and Dreams

According to statistics, flying dreams are children in 78% more often than adults. Scientists and physicians are confident that the purity of the mind and psyche of children affects this. The child is morally free, he still does not experience social, monetary and any kind of stress that puts pressure on the psyche of an adult.

Watching a child’s sleep, one can say with confidence that children see dreams. But where does this completely unformed personality come from? Scientists believe that flying in dreams appears in a child from 5-7 years old, and until that time, children are mentally formed. Initially, they feel and feel in a dream, then they see blurry objects, and then themselves.

Children's flights are explained by several reasons:

  • during the day, the child learns a huge amount of information, so his mind is so relaxed;
  • children grow up in a dream and feel changes in their body;
  • the child is very relaxed during sleep and feels the state of flight.

Some scientists consider flying in a dream to be a genetic component, which explains our direct relationship with monkeys and their flights on tree lianas.

Flying in adult dreams

Why do we fly in a dream?

There are no exact explanations of the reasons for adult flights of men and women in dreams. Psychologists have several general theories about the reasons for the plot of sleep during certain life stages:

  • the person is very tired of the monotonous life and subconsciously wants change;
  • a person is tired of a big responsibility, and he wants complete freedom;
  • the person keeps everything under control and is confident in the future.

It is important to pay attention to the details of the dream, then it will be better to interpret them. We offer to get acquainted with the interpretation of the meaning of sleep from several dream books:

  1. Fly next to the garden, trees and flowers. A dream is a dream for an emotional and romantic person, the dream itself explains a quick romantic acquaintance and a date.
  2. Flying with obstacles. Bumping into buildings, treetops and other objects - attempts to overcome some problems in life. Sleep makes it clear to a person the need for rest and a change of scenery.
  3. Flying upwind. Such obstacles during sleep means the ability of a person to get to a new and better life. A person is expected to advance in his career or personal life.
  4. Fly near the sea. Sleep helps to assess the state of moral health. Flying with the smooth surface of the water means waiting for changes. Flying over small waves - such a dream implies satisfaction in one’s own life. If in a dream the storm began - moral rest is necessary.
  5. Fly and see stars in the night sky. Sleep occurs in a person with creative talents and lots of ideas. Sleep is a good sign, making it clear that the time has come to realize your thoughts.

According to Freud, flying means a person’s desire for sexual satisfaction. So, the man and the woman try to dominate in a sexual and social life. The psychologist saw the life of a person as a constant movement of his sexual beginnings. But it is difficult to talk about the reliability of Freud's reasoning, everyone draws conclusions himself.

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