What is a dream

What is a dream

What is a dream, how to explain the nature of such a phenomenon? Why do people have dreams? What happens in the human brain? According to experts, there are several reasons for this.

1. This is a way to understand the impressions that were received during the day. Thus, there is a discharge of the psyche. The past day with his events left some information in his memory. And in a dream the details of what was happening and what was thought were carried. If a person is actively working, or was focused on learning, then he can see it in a dream. This is the way the systematization of the thoughts and feelings that have passed during the day. Such dreams are simple and clear. And hardly anyone wants to understand what they mean.

2. Night dreams are certain information that the subconscious of a person presents to him in this way. At a conscious level, the mind almost always perceives something quite concrete. And a person usually does not notice and does not think about the mass of feelings and emotions that rush fleetingly. However, the psyche still remembers them. Therefore, during sleep, sometimes some neglected sensations emerge that we did not think about. Sometimes night after nightmares recur, with the participation of, for example, a colleague or boss. And in life with these people is quite normal relationship. However, if we look at it in detail, a person can understand that they really do not treat him with benevolence. It is not immediately noticeable, but according to some views, words, or even gestures still manifest. Consciously it can hardly be caught, but subconsciously very much is felt. 3. A person sometimes has secret hidden desires. And in a dream sometimes he can see how they come true. Sigmund Freud talked about the fact that a dream is like a hallucination, in which it seems to a person that he gets what he really wants in his heart. All people have ever seen in a dream something very pleasant - great travel, love, various benefits. That is, it is a signal from the subconscious that a person really wants.

4. Various fears, phobias, psychological traumas can also be felt in a dream. This is a way of mental defense against them. During the student years, perhaps, almost everyone dreamed that the exam was suddenly caught the most inappropriate ticket. Or we came to him without knowing anything at all, and we understand that a complete failure awaits us. Many unknowingly suffer the fear of failure and are afraid of a negative assessment. After accidents or violence, people also suffer nightmares. The subconscious of man again and again shows him the horror he has endured. Thus, the psyche is trying to get rid of painful fear. If the injuries received during the catastrophe are not too severe, then gradually a person begins to forget about this event and is released from nightmares. But if he received serious injuries and injuries, then this will only increase mental trauma. And in such cases, a person can not do without help. Consult a psychotherapist will be necessary. Source: https: // home-dream. rf

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