Piston compressor

Piston compressor

Modern equipment manufacturers are focused on consumer needs, so they are trying to do everything possible to provide quality products for affordable money. This is manifested in the breadth of the variety of compressor equipment. From the Latin translation, the word “compressor” itself denotes compression. That is, we are talking about an energy mechanism or device that increases the level of pressure and moves substances in a gaseous state. Such machines are involved in a variety of industries, but it is difficult for an unprepared customer to make the right choice. If you are still in doubt and do not know how to navigate, this link will help.

There are several types of compressors. The greatest popularity was fixed for the piston mechanism. The fact is that it is ideal for situations with regular use and there is a large selection of designs. Piston version provides the work of mechanical engineering, chemical industry, refrigerators, equipment with a cryogenic principle, textile mills, etc. Before us is a model of a compressor, where a cylindrical piston performs movements of a reciprocating type. The most simplified version is represented by a cylinder and a piston. There is a small space between them. Drive motor with shaft guarantees movement. By species there are three main.

The first is an oil-free piston. It uses special materials that are resistant to corrosion, thereby reducing the friction coefficient and increasing the service life of parts. It is chosen, if necessary, to control the pneumatic tool (clean air at the outlet) or in paint work. Simple design leads to low cost.

The second type - piston oil. Here it is already clear that oil is used to lubricate every part in the piston group. When the parts move, a special oil film is created between them, thereby preventing friction between metals. Such models are more productive. In addition, it is easier to handle and serve them.

The third option - belt. Its use is characterized by severe operating conditions. This mechanism is resistant to wear, not whimsical, and the flywheel of the compressor head allows you to operate at your usual pace at a high temperature index. Only the generated noise can interfere. Cylinders can be one, two or more. They are mounted as in-line, W or V-shaped. Multistage or single-stage indicates the number of stages in air compression.

When you buy a compressor, you get a quality mechanism at a low price, which will significantly reduce the cost of the overall purchase of equipment. Models allow you to function with stops and starts, thereby saving energy. Increased loads and harsh conditions such as low / high temperatures and open areas will not interfere.

Of course, it is difficult to make a choice if you have never encountered such a need. Therefore, the site has the opportunity not only to get acquainted with all the models and descriptions in detail, but also to take the help of specialists who will be guided by your needs, requirements and the purchase limit.

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