Refrigerated display cases: their varieties and advantages

Refrigerated display cases: their varieties and advantages

Today it is hard to imagine a supermarket or even a small shop, without a high-quality refrigerated display case. This is especially true in the summer season, when the temperature rises to 35 degrees, and the products will simply deteriorate if they are not hidden in a cool place. Everyone saw the storefront, because now they are standing at every step. Every day more and more cafes, canteens of public catering, shops, where shop windows are used to preserve a good kind of products, open.

Thanks to cooling, you can be sure that you are buying a high quality product that is not spoiled and tasty. The truth is still all depends on how to take care of this equipment, because improper operation and maintenance can harm the design of the refrigeration and cause the products to be damaged even on the display case. To prevent this from happening, you need to take a big responsibility to choose the equipment for your business, buy only reliable and high-quality display cases, and properly wash and defrost them if necessary.

A showcase with cooling or freezing is the most common type of commercial construction, which can be used not only in stores with a countertop form of work, but also in supermarkets, where in most cases self-service is present. In addition, showcases can be installed in cafes and canteens, where visitors are shown what they can buy today and what type this or that dish has. They are intended not only for the sale of goods and food, but also for their demonstration to customers and long-term storage. This is very important in trade, because the buyer must see the goods for which he pays the money. He will be able to touch it, read the warehouse, and even see the date of production, if we are talking about windows without a front stack.

Varieties of refrigerated cabinets and their features

At the moment, there is simply a huge number of various models of refrigeration equipment on sale. It is always possible to purchase horizontal display cases that are installed on the floor, are quite spacious and are more often used for the demonstration of meat products, dairy products and fish. Also, most recently appeared vertical windows, in the form of cabinets and slides. Here the priority is given to confectionery, eggs, sausage and other goods. In addition, the sale can always find desktop display cabinets and bonnets. Table appliances are designed to demonstrate their own baking or ready-made dishes in restaurants, bars and cafes of fast food.

All horizontal products with cooling can be divided into several groups, depending on what temperature they produce inside the structure:

  1. A medium-temperature device that works elegantly at temperatures from zero to 8 degrees Celsius. They usually sell fresh food, such as meat, fish, milk, that is, those that do not require freezing, but they need cold for storage. They can be open or closed.
  2. Low-temperature product that produces a temperature in the range of -8-20 degrees. Here you can store and show all frozen food to customers, ranging from meat to finished meatballs, cabbage rolls and pancakes.
  3. Universal showcases that can produce as a sub-zero temperature up to -2 degrees, and plus +5 degrees. Usually in such devices store products that require special conditions.
  4. Pastry displays are designed, as the name implies, for the display of cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and other pastries. Here the temperature should be from +1 to +12 degrees. Freeze cakes are required.

In addition to all the above, refrigerated display cases are divided according to the type of cooling. So, they are:

  • Static cooling, when cold air is fed into the chamber only in one direction, and there it is evenly distributed throughout the structure.
  • Dynamic cooling. When the equipment is completed with an additional fan, which also draws air and accelerates it throughout the chamber. This method is quite popular, but it has its disadvantages. For example, a situation where, during the storage of sausages, a white coating appears on it.

Before buying a storefront, it is necessary to clearly define for which product group you are buying it. In addition, be sure to find out its characteristics and type of freezing products. Designs where manual freezing is present are considered inexpensive, although this process is quite laborious. Therefore, it is always possible to purchase a display case with automatic freezing. There are also some nuances here, for example, they do not recommend to store deep-frozen products for a long time, and they will also work poorly if the ambient temperature rises to +30 degrees. If you need a high-quality, reliable refrigerated showcase, then visit, where such constructions are available. There you will learn more information about this type of equipment and be able to consult with a specialist.

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