Near the nearby star found 3 super-lands

Near the nearby star found 3 super-lands

Kepler’s mission (K2) was able to make another discovery - 3 exoplanets. Alien worlds are concentrated around the star GJ 9827 and belong to the group of super-lands.

Kepler is considered the most prolific planetary telescope. With his help, more than 2300 exoplanets were found. Now scientists are focused on three super-lands in the GJ 9827 system, observed from December 2016 to March 2017. Before us is a red K-type dwarf.

Super-land mass located between the Earth and the gas giants. The star is 100 light-years distant and belongs to the type K6V. Within a radius of 0.63 solar and 15% inferior in massiveness. Planets are designated as b, c and d with a distance from the star at 0.02 a. e., 0.04 a. e. and 0.06 a. e.

Near the nearby star found 3 super-lands

Above: GJ 9827 light curve corrected for systematics. Center: Corrected K2 light curve with the best low frequency variability. Below: GJ 9827 b, c and d phase light curves

GJ 9827 b is 1.64 times the Earth's radius, and 3.5-4.26 Earths in mass. The orbital period covers 1.21 days, and the temperature - 1119 K.

GJ 9827C with a radius of 1.29 times the earth and 2.5 masses is the smallest object in the trinity. It warms up at 774 K and flies around a star in 3.65 days.

GJ 9827 d is twice the size of Earth and 5 times more massive. Heating is 648 K, and the orbital path takes 6.2 days.

At the moment it is the nearest star with exoplanets.

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