Scientists have found two hot Jupiter

Scientists have found two hot Jupiter

The researchers managed to find two hot Jupiter around the stars, which were 1300 light-years away from us. In size, the worlds resemble our gas giant, but with a higher temperature mark.

Initially, EPIC 211418729b and EPIC 211442297b were transit candidates for the planets and were discovered in 2015 when reviewed by Kepler. Observations have shown that we are confronted with objects of a planetary nature, which led to two systems.

EPIC 211418729b reaches 0.94 of Jupiter's radius and is almost twice as massive. The orbital period is 11.4 days, and the temperature is 719 K. The system is 1570 light years away. EPIC 211442297 reaches only 0.84 mass of Jupiter in mass, but 11% more in radius. It is removed from us for 1360 light years, and the temperature indicator is 682 K. Makes a revolution around a star in 20.3 days.

Both planets have the longest orbital period in their class. In 2018, they will become objects for the K2 mission, thanks to which we will get more details.

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