We can get a new planet-neighbor

We can get a new planet-neighbor

This is a GJ832 system, where an earth-like planet may be hiding.

Scientists believe that an earthly planet can live at a distance of 16 light years. This is a system of Gliese 832. The planet is able to settle down at 0.25-2 a. e. from its star. The estimated world should reach 1-15 Earth masses.

This is an important discovery, because it provides the planet, located on a stable orbital path, and even in the habitat zone of the red dwarf.

Gliese 832 radius and mass reaches half the solar parameters. Next to it, giant b and earth c rotate. The planets were found using radial velocity, which tracks the change in the direction of gravitational attraction from an invisible exoplanet during its rotation around the star. All data indicates the presence of a medium sized planet. Its presence is also confirmed by the long-term orbital system, the orbital dynamics, and the analysis of the synthetic beam signal. But additional observations will be required for the radial velocity indicator, transit, as well as the testing of images.

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