A new transit of “hot Jupiter” has been detected

A new transit of “hot Jupiter” has been detected

Thanks to the Qatar Exoplanet Review (QES) program, it was possible to fix the transit of a hot jupiter. A new extrasolar planet has been designated Qatar-6b. In size reaches Jupiter, but inferior in massiveness.

Researchers have already found hundreds of exoplanets, but among them there are very few of those that partially intersect the disk of host stars. Such planets are important because they allow you to find additional objects rotating in the neighborhood. The fact is that unknown bodies will influence the orbit of the planet and change the transit path.

Qatar-6b was found thanks to the QES program, which uses the New Mexico Celestial Observatory. The analysis showed that the planet is 6% more radius than Jupiter, 0.67 mass of Jupiter in mass, and density - 0.68 g / cm 3. Rotates around a star with a frequency of 3.5 days at a distance of 0.04 a. e. Due to proximity, the temperature will rise to 1006 K. According to the parameters, Qatar-6b belongs to hot Jupiter. These are exoplanets, which by their properties resemble the gas giant of our system, and their orbital period does not exceed 10 days. The main star is Qatar-6 (TYC 1484-434-1 or 2MASS J14485047 + 2209093). It belongs to the type K2V and is 330 light-years away. It reaches 0.72 solar radius and is about 18% less than mass. At the age of one billion years, the temperature is kept at 5052 K.

Qatar-6b is a good target for finding other exoplanets. Now telescopes just need to track changes in direction or duration of movement.

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