SpaceX sends a capsule to NASA.

SpaceX sends a capsule to NASA.

The space age moves to a new level. On December 12, SpaceX plans to launch its first “recycled” rocket for NASA. The Falcon 9 unmanned missile used in June will deliver a Dragon capsule.

The ISS manager Kirk Shireman says that the risk of launching a recycled missile is the same as that of a completely new one. SpaceX sent reuse rockets for commercial satellite shipments three times. In June, the Dragon has already flown to the ISS. The latter should deliver 5,000 pounds of food, equipment and experiments.

The concept of a “reusable rocket” is no longer something new. SpaceX is far advanced in their designs, trying to reduce launch costs by saving on accelerators and other components that they use again and again. SpaceX representatives say they dream of launching thousands of people into space, so they are forced to simplify the process of making rockets.

The launch vehicle will again attempt to land at Cape Air Force Station (Canaveral). This will be the first launch a year later from Complex 40. In September 2016, the rocket exploded during the testing period.

Using an additional $ 50 million, SpaceX made the site more reliable by hiding additional equipment and fuel lines under concrete and steel.

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