Painting as part of your interior

Painting as part of your interior

Even with the advent of cave paintings, the desire of a reasonable person to capture reality in art form became noticeable. Of course, the first images of people, animals, and also small plots seem primitive now. However, art evolved and reached its peak in the works of Leonardo da Vinci with his amazing frescoes and portraits. In the future, artistic mastery appeared in all possible forms, including the many vag Gogh who did not understand him, with his moving figures, cubism or Dali’s unusual plots.

Many thought that the appearance of photography will permanently displace artists from the scene. After all, it is the snapshot that is able to convey the most detailed reality. However, this did not happen, and professional drawings, on the contrary, are back in fashion. Why is that? And where does such success come from, for example, The fact is that art not only reflects reality, but conveys all the best, that is, true beauty. This is an ability to catch the most important detail and build a plot on its basis, discarding everything superfluous. That is why people tend to touch this world, ordering work in professional studios.

Where can I use pictures and what services are available? Naturally, portraits are in the first place in popularity. All of them are done in oil on canvas by professional artists, examples of which can be viewed on the site. It is surprising how exactly a person is presented. In the picture you can almost display your soul, expressing the most important character traits, such as strength, tenderness, kindness, activity, etc. For this, various plots are used, which you can discuss with the artist. And no one keeps you in the framework. Want to capture yourself on horseback or in medieval dress, Greek style, on the couch or in a heroic pose? Everything is possible! There is a category of paintings to order, where the owners of rich imagination can come up with a plot and ask to display it on the canvas. You can also just send a favorite picture or an unusual picture found on the web. There is no end to the variety of plots, so you just have to come up with a concept and roughly understand what you want to see in the final. Many people prefer to display important memorable dates, some historical events or life situations.

You can consider ready-made author oil paintings. This is a real canvas painting. There are many amazing landscapes that we will not be able to see live: the sunset in Venice, the majestic old frigate departing on a long journey, an abandoned castle, a lake hidden in the forest. Such works will create a cozy and unusual atmosphere in your home. In addition, they will constantly hint that there are many amazing places in life, and the world itself is incredibly huge.

There is also a separate section for fans of beadwork. This is hard work with an amazing result. The plots are mostly focused on religious themes (icons), however there are options with portraits, as well as Egyptian scenes with the Sphinx, Cleopatra, pyramids and historical figures like Joan of Arc.

Fans of art who dream of filling their homes with them are addicted to the last option. We are talking about the paintings on the walls and ceiling. Now the picture can become a single part of your interior. Wallpapers are considered the last century, besides, they fade, lose their richness and have to be updated again. However, imagine that you raise your eyes to the ceiling, and on it flaunts the eternal starry sky with space scenes, or it is covered with clouds, flying birds. On the walls are popular scenes are landscapes, sea views, or famous characters from your favorite books. Moreover, this trend is popular not only for apartments, but also for themed public institutions (restaurants, children's cafes). Examples of works you can see on the website of the studio of artists “Art of Russia”. There you can find all the necessary contacts and discuss the details with the performers. Do not be afraid to fill your reality with the beautiful.

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