Amazing modular paintings for your interior

Amazing modular paintings for your interior

It so happened that any apartment, house or room has its own atmosphere, which in some mysterious way conveys the identity of the owner. You go in and immediately understand that such a person lives here with certain preferences and visions of the world. This is not surprising, because from the moment of the first settlement in the caves, people tried to achieve not only protection, but also a certain comfort. Of course, in the 21st century, this created all the most favorable conditions. For example, you can always try to make an attractive variety with modular pictures

The interior is an important part of home decoration. If you move to a new apartment or decide to update your usual abode, then you need to choose a specific direction in style or at least in color. Some people make a huge mistake when they just start buying the most fashionable things, put them around the apartment and eventually realize that they have created a terrible chaos. There is nothing wrong with soothing or screaming tones, ordinary furniture or outlandish form, if they correspond to a single concept. Remember that the beauty is in the details: a good table, an attractive rug, an unusual vase. All these are background trifles, which, with the right arrangement, become the main and unobtrusive attributes of comfort. Recently, more and more people prefer to decorate the interior with paintings. Most likely, this is a new era, which has replaced the Soviet world of carpets. These dusty pieces of fabric once brought a touch of aesthetics, but are now considered impractical and are becoming obsolete. However, I don’t want to leave the wall completely empty, because it seems cold and detached. The picture is a wonderful option, especially since today there is a huge variety of plot choices. But even here, it is not necessary to repeat the known error that was mentioned earlier. Do not choose just flashy landscapes. Decide on the concept and follow your own vision. These images should reflect your inner world and bring you pleasure above all.

However, the usual paintings are not considered something outlandish and new. They are replaced by a modified current - modular paintings. In principle, the essence remains the same, but the flow changes. You do not get a whole canvas, but several pieces, like a puzzle, which are hung on the wall at short intervals. It can be one, but divided, a picture, or a little different, but with a single theme. Suppose you have a tree against the sky, but the color gamut changes on each image. All this allows you to experiment with the design and create an attractive dynamic. You kind of enliven the room. The goal is to create harmony and movement. For example, it can be a wave rolling on the shore, which moves along the wall in several canvases and attracts the eye. Agree, such dynamics calms and fascinates. This is the perfect option for the living room. There are several types that differ in the number of pictures: a diptych is two modules, a triptych is three, and a polytype is four and more. The attraction is that here fantasy allows the client to roam. It is not necessary to focus on a square or rectangular shape. You can choose different sizes, shapes and colors, leaving a holistic concept.

On the site you will find various options for modular paintings in thematic areas: architecture, nature, flowers, city, bridges, animals, food and drinks, the sea, etc. Click on the one you like and select the landscape. For example, you would like to hang a picture of a London bridge in a house. On the page you need to choose a picture (holistic) or modular (fragments). Then decide whether it will be a natural canvas or non-woven fabric. Enter the parameters and form of payment. The site immediately shows the final price when placing the order. Details can be obtained from the consultant online.

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