The sun gave rise to a radio eclipse after a monstrous flash of X-class

The sun gave rise to a radio eclipse after a monstrous flash of X-class

For the first time in 2015, the Sun flared with an outbreak of the X-class, reminding that it can still collect enough energy needed to create the most powerful solar explosions.

The magnetic eruption occurred on Wednesday at 12:22 PM European time, highlighting a huge area in the lower corona of the Sun. Shortly after the outbreak that reached class X2, reported on a radio eclipse over large areas of the globe.

Amateur astronomer Tomasz Ashcroft reported that the eclipse was most apparent in the frequency range from 15 MHz to 26 MHz.

During solar flares, which occurs during intense activity in the solar corona, a magnetic reconfiguration (known as “reconnection”) occurs, which generates powerful X-ray and ultraviolet radiation that affects our planet. Electromagnetic radiation can cause ionization waves in the upper atmosphere of the Earth (in particular in the ionosphere), preventing the spread of high-frequency radio programs. As can be seen from Ashcroft's radio observations, a strong radio eclipse lasted 15 minutes. In addition to the solar flare and, as a result of the radio shutdown, the flare generated a coronal mass ejection (magnetized solar plasma bubble), which will be followed by astronomers. There is a possibility that the release of coronal mass may also move in our direction.

The outbreak occurred in the active region (AR) 2297, which had an increased activity throughout the week. This eruption has eclipsed all previous outbreaks that occurred during this year.

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