Buddha tracks on the Red Planet!

Buddha tracks on the Red Planet!

How much wonder can be found on Mars. We saw prints of a floating spoon, a big foot, a rat, and now Buddha himself was found there.

According to Scott Waring from ufosightingsdaily.com “This statue of the“ Amazing God of Mars ”was spotted in October of this year. But in fact, this statue was discovered earlier, but it was not possible to transfer a more detailed image. ”

Waring writes: “This photograph alone can convince the UN that Mars was once a living planet. NASA is hiding the truth, because otherwise they will be forced to share the information and technologies that have been found. ” Waring describes this photo like this: “It shows the head and face quite clearly, and you can also see the chest, plump belly and shoulders”.

NASA - always trying to hide exciting discoveries from the public.

Of course, they told us about the presence of liquid water on Mars and the emission of a star at a distance of 1,480 light years from us, which could theoretically be sent by alien structures.

But this news about the statue of Buda on the Red Planet, of course, tops the list of amazing news this week.

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