How did the inhabitants of the Earth respond to the news about liquid water on Mars

How did the inhabitants of the Earth respond to the news about liquid water on Mars

The presence of water on the Red Planet (liquid lake) was great news, because it hints at the existence of life (even in the past). The world took this news with enthusiasm, research enthusiasm, a great deal of skepticism, humor and, of course, idiocy.

Here we will present only a few comments that appeared after the news about Martian water.

The Onion website (Lukovitsa) published a post titled “The Nation Demands NASA to Stop Holding Press Conferences until They Show Real Little Martians.” And here is a favorite quote from this article:

And no microscopic crap and underdeveloped organisms. It must be strong alien guys with a huge amount of weapons. And that they speak with the help of the mouth, and not telepathy and other rubbish ”.

There were other articles with headlines, like “The Mad Rover is hallucinating water on Mars.”

At The Daily Show constantly showered jokes. For example, comedian Roy Wood Jr., who was introduced as a Martian correspondent, said:

Yes, I honestly don't care! Do they really want us to have a party because of some damn water? ”.

Google turned out to be kinder in this regard, creating a festive doodle in honor of the Martian discovery.

Bart Noble has prepared a great comic book that conveyed the essence of the news in a fun way.

It is interesting that they learned about water after the movie “Martian”. Some have started a controversy with jokes, such as Matt Damon himself is spreading rumors about water to promote the film in the ratings. They even whispered that the director of this film, Ridley Scott, had seen photos of Mars from NASA 2 months before the news was published. If he found out about the water before the movie was released, he would have to quickly change the plot.

The worst reaction came from conservative lead Rush Limbaugh, who called the discovery “fraud” and added:

The news that there is liquid water on Mars is surely used by supporters of the left. They will start pushing ideas with global warming, then they will hint at an alien civilization, which will require money for research, and then stumble upon some ancient Martian cemetery and other nonsense. ”

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