TOP-5 space games in online mode: whose reality will be closer

The world of computer games is a special reality in which a player can become what he wants in a couple of clicks. Therefore, it is not surprising that the audience has not lost interest in them for the third decade. Particular attention is paid, of course, to the cosmos, because only a few (the best of the best astronauts) can reveal the secrets of the Universe alive, while millions of people are going to search for their brothers in their minds.

In 2015, thanks to the new space simulators, the line between fantasy and reality is almost erased. However, formally, they still should be divided into 2 camps: large-scale projects and flash-applications.

Space Universes

Among the game projects, the number of players which is in the hundreds of thousands, the lion's share is occupied by MMO-games, and if more precisely, the “EVE Online”, “Star Conflict” and “DarkOrbit”. Let us dwell on each of them in more detail:

EVE Online

One of the world's largest MMOG games - EVE Online gives players complete freedom of action. Action fans can take part in star battles, lovers solve all questions with money waiting for the market, and those who just want to relax from the depressing reality - the picturesque expanses of the galaxy. The main difference between EVE Online and most similar MMOG projects is the absolute absence of incorrect paths in the game. There is no need to fear that you have improved the wrong weapon or have learned the wrong skill. Any skill here will be useful anyway, and in the case of a character's death, there is always the opportunity to start over with a free ship, which is great for earning start-up capital.

TOP-5 space games in online mode: whose reality will be closer

Star Conflict

Free multiplayer game Star Conflict will also find something to offer to its players. Representing a classic MMO and action hybrid, it boasts realistic space battles, hundreds of open galaxies, an elaborate system of barriers and obstacles, etc. A huge role in the project is played by a well-coordinated team game, without which fighting will be the winner almost impossible. The game's plot is tied to the incessant galactic battles of three hostile factions, the study of new territories and the search for long-lost artifacts.


DarkOrbit Universe gives players the opportunity to look into the not-so-distant future, where three warring races: earthlings, Martians and Venusians are engaged in fierce battles for controlled territories and resources. The game provides two modes: passive - designed to upgrade your possessions and territories under control, and the game, in which a variety of battles are available, the main part of quests, history, etc. The graphics and music of the game allow you to completely plunge into the world of galactic battles, and its mechanics - show everyone and everyone who is a true star wolf here!

Small stories of large galaxies

As already mentioned, not only large-scale projects can make the light of distant stars a little closer, and green men - a little more real. Small flash applications do the job just as well.

TOP-5 space games in online mode: whose reality will be closer

Galaxy Siege 2

The small space game Galaxy Siege 2 is a non-standard hybrid of designer and military strategy. The plot is not new: you have to once again protect the galaxy from suddenly roaring neighbors in space. However, this will have to be done in an unusual way. Before shooting away from hostile humanoids, weapons will have to be literally assembled in parts from parts found in space. At first you will be accompanied by friendly fighters, but remember, they are not eternal, and the forces of the enemy are growing steadily.

Home sheep home 2: Lost in Space

The continuation of an amusing puzzle telling about the misadventures of the sheep family did not take long to come. This time, the travelers led by Sean did not land anywhere, but on a real alien ship. And the duty of returning them home, as you might have guessed, falls on your fragile shoulders. You are waiting for fifteen levels of difficulty and dozens of non-standard options for their passage. In the form of a bonus - many hours of positive and good mood.

TOP-5 space games in online mode: whose reality will be closer

As you can see, every year the genre only flourishes and grows. Of course, in one article it is impossible to cover all the releases of interest, therefore, in addition to the games described above, we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following projects: Space Agency, Into Space 2, Star Command, Snail Bob Space, Shuttle Scuttle and other equally exciting online space games .

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