Galactic alignment is viewed for 10 billion years

Galactic alignment is viewed for 10 billion years

New data from the Hubble telescope shows that the most massive galaxies have aligned with the environment in the last 10 billion years.

The Hubble Space Telescope has received new results on galactic alignment. Now it is the farthest time offered. Most of the galaxies are oriented in space randomly. But the largest always point to their neighbors. However, the alignment process itself remains a mystery.

To go back in time, scientists used the Hubble telescope and tracked 65 giant galaxies. It took their light billions of years to get to us. It turned out that these galaxies leveled off when space reached 1/3 of today's age. There are different theories explaining this situation. Massive galaxies are growing due to the merger of smaller neighbors, forming large-scale filament networks. Also, the game can enter the force of gravity, which for such a period of time is able to reorient the galaxies in space.

Now scientists are trying to get as far as possible into the past in order to capture the picture before the galactic alignment. However, it is incredibly difficult, because they are located incredibly far.

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