Space on the other side of the monitor, or the best games about the conquest of galaxies

Who would you like to become an adult? Eight out of ten to this simple question is answered absolutely absolutely unsophisticated - astronauts. Millions of people dream today to go surfing the universe in search of fellow minds, only a couple of hundred of them succeed. Somehow to smooth out such impartial statistics, help game developers, whose projects of space subjects are perceived by users with a bang. And no wonder, where else in just a couple of clicks can you become a brave captain of your own space fighter or still find life on Mars? However, the abundance of large-scale games and small projects that are represented on the network today can be lost forever, like in a black hole. Therefore, in order to facilitate your search, we present our TOP-5 and TOP-3 major games and flash-applications dedicated to distant stars and galaxies.

Large games, striking in their scale and development

Eve Online

This game is dedicated to the study and (partly) theft of various universes, today is one of the largest MMOGs in the world and is famous for the fact that here you get 95% of free actions. If desired, you can both take part in real fights with shooting pirates and capture of comic ships, as well as financial wars. Go all the way from beginner to hardened capsule or just enjoy life in the orbit of one of the many planets of this universe.

Mass Effect

This legendary trilogy is obliged to familiarize everyone, in whose heart the cosmos takes not the last place. Here, players will have to go from the simple “Spectrum” of the interstellar Council to the savior of the entire galaxy, find new (though not always human-like) friends and meet true love, track down the dangerous traitor Saren and find out who really threatens the galaxy. Those who have gone through the whole story more than once or twice, and know all the possible endings, will surely be pleased with the news that the release of the 4th part of the hit of past years will not only be, but it will take place very soon.

Space on the other side of the monitor, or the best games about the conquest of galaxies

Star Ghosts

If the phrase “Star Rangers” means to you much more than for an ordinary person “not in the subject line”, then this application will definitely appeal to you. The game developers carefully reproduced the strongest elements of the legendary hit of the past years (such as: gameplay basics, interface, music, etc.) and supplemented it with dozens of equally interesting missions and elements. Now you can surf the galaxies not only solo, but also in the company of the same experienced pilots. And all that is required for this is just a browser and access to the network.

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

The main difference of this cross-platform MMO with arcade elements from other space projects is the opportunity to test yourself not as a pilot, not a captain of a ship, but a real Astrolord, under whose leadership up to 6 asteroids can be located at the same time. But if you can keep all this “wealth” and correctly use the existing resource base to build simple, and over time, clever ships, only beginners will bring up decent captains from newbies.

“Star Conflict”

This project is a classic hybrid of genres such as MMO and action. Speaking for one of the three traditionally warring parties, the player will have to go explore other galaxies and look for long-lost artifacts. That's just to make it very difficult, because the path of the hero to the hundreds of abandoned planets will be hampered by a thought-out system of barriers and obstacles. Therefore, without the coordinated work of the entire crew of the cruiser, it will be almost impossible to emerge victorious from battles (often deadly).

Small space projects with great potential

“Galaxy Siege 2”

This project can be described as a kind of hybrid of military strategy and design. You can protect your base here only with the help of certain weapons, which have yet to be created from space debris and customized.

“Home sheep home 2: Lost in Space”

The story of how the family of sheep, which is always in trouble, turned out to be not anyhow where, but on the real alien ship. Now you (yes, yes, again for you) will have to help them get home, in between times destroying the evil plans of alien invaders.

Space on the other side of the monitor, or the best games about the conquest of galaxies

“Transformers: battle for the Matrixg”

As in other online games about transformers, here the player will have to help the most popular heroes of the legendary series (Optimus and Bumblebee) to give Megatron a battle. That's just at stake now is not some nonsense, but the real matrix of leadership. If you want to win, then it will also be useful to destroy boxes, where, among other things, debris could be the most powerful weapon in the game universe.

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