Will the ISS wait for Japanese delivery? New start date


Will the ISS wait for Japanese delivery? New start date

The cargo ship of the Japanese agency Kounotori 7 is undergoing preflight work before the scheduled launch in September 2018. After several delays, they plan to ship the ship on September 21 (at 2:15 p.m. EDT)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has set a new launch date for its next cargo ship heading to the ISS after more than a week of delays due to bad weather and technical problems. The new cargo ship Kounotori 7 starts on September 21 at 14:15 (EDT) from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan. It is important to note that additional launch windows are available from September 23 to October 31 if repeated delays occur.

Kounotori 7 is the seventh JAXA automated ship for cargo delivery. Initially, on September 11, they planned to send 5 tons of supplies to the orbital laboratory, but the bad weather in the form of a typhoon suffered an attempt on September 15. The launch failed again due to problems with the H-IIB missile. Malfunctions occurred in the propulsion system. Kounotori trips are one-time flights intended for launching cargo and scientific deliveries to the ISS. The devices are launched on the H-IIB rocket, docked with the station using a robotic arm and attached to the port for unloading. Kounotori can deliver supplies to the compartment under pressure and without it, where a robotic arm is operating. At the end of the mission, the vehicles are loaded with garbage and sent to space to deliberately burn in the earth’s atmosphere.

Kounotori 7 (HTV-7) is supposed to deliver 6 new lithium-ion batteries for the space station power system. The spacecraft also houses a series of tiny satellites for various studies, including a space elevator experiment and a new space capsule for re-entry (return of experiments to Earth).

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