Paolo Nespoli at BEAM

Paolo Nespoli at BEAM

The ESA cosmonaut Paolo Nespoli performed several tests in an experimental deployable residential module of the company Bigelow (BEAM) on the ISS.

Crew members constantly check the new habitat for suitability for living in space. To launch the module, it was specifically compressed, and then deployed to full volume in space. This is a new version of lighter and easier to run designs.

Paolo, along with members of the mission 52/53 Randy Bresnik and Sergey Ryazansky, spent a total of 139 days at the station. Their returns are expected on December 14th. They will use the ship Soyuz MS-05 and disembark in Kazakhstan. At the end of the mission, Nespoli has more than 60 experiments in biology, technology, the sciences of matter, education, and human research.

Nespoli, Ryazan and Bresnik managed to test 5 habitats - the Union and 4 freight transporters, two of which Paolo seized with a robotic arm.

This is Paolo's third flight. The total amount spent in the space of days - 313.

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