Pier on the space station

Pier on the space station

Photo taken November 18, 2017. From left to right: Mark Vande Hay, Sergey Ryazansky, Paolo Nespoli, Joe Aqaba and Randy Bresnik. They demonstrate cooked pizza from scratch on the ISS

The first pizza party in space collects many positive reviews. The cosmonauts from the ISS sent photos and videos of their gatherings, where they prepared pizzas from the sent ingredients. Delivery was carried out in the past month. Among the food products came tomato sauce, bread cakes, pepperoni, cheese, olive oil, pesto, olives and anchovy paste. Everyone made a pizza for themselves, then threw it into the air, spinning like a frisbee, and warmed up to readiness. Bresnik called his pizza “an edible flying saucer”.

The main reason for the delivery of pizza ingredients was Italian Paolo Nespoli, who has been at the station since July. He reported that the treat was incredibly tasty.

Nespoli left to spend another week in space. December 14, along with Bresnik and Ryazan, he will return to Earth.

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