Green light for testing SpaceX crew spacecraft

Green light for testing SpaceX crew spacecraft

The Falcon 9 rocket of private US company SpaceX, located in the United States, is scheduled to launch on March 2 to deliver the Crew Dragon test capsule to the ISS

On February 22, SpaceX received the green light from NASA for a test flight of a new Crew Dragon crew capsule. First, they plan to launch a model without a crew, but with a life-size dummy, on the ISS.

If you are lucky with the weather, the Falcon 9 rocket will take off on March 2. Recall that back in 2014, NASA signed contracts with SpaceX and Boeing to organize the transportation of American astronauts to the ISS. This will be the first time a private company will be able to engage in sending astronauts into orbit. The American shuttle program ceased to exist in 2011. Since then, the US has had to use the services of Russian Union missiles to deliver to the ISS. The flight on March 2 should also go as planned in July with real astronauts.

Crew Dragon capsule is designed for 7 seats. It should dock with the ISS on March 3, then disconnect and come back on the 8th. Since 2012, SpaceX has managed to perform more than a dozen unmanned flights, delivering cargo to the orbital station. But the criteria for transporting people is more serious. In addition, Crew Dragon still has some shortcomings, such as problems with parachutes.

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