Asteroid will rush past the Earth

Asteroid will rush past the Earth

The US space agency reported that an asteroid the size of a football field would rush past Earth at a safe distance, expected on Tuesday.

Space rock spotted in 2010. However, it was only recently managed to determine that he was not fated to collide with our planet. Instead, it will pass approximately at a distance of half the Earth-Moon distance.

NASA says that the WC9 2010 facility will approach over the coast of Antarctica. The convergence will reach 193,000 km. A 20 cm telescope is perfect for viewing, and the viewpoint is Cape Town, South Africa. It is believed that the asteroid is drawn out to 60-120 m, and the speed - 12.9 km / s. This passage promises to be closest to Earth (for a particular asteroid) in the last two centuries.

On October 17, 2019, the asteroid approaches us only by 26.6 million miles. It is known that about 10,000 asteroids rotate around our planet. Scientists regularly track their trajectories to determine potential drummers.

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