On April 19, an asteroid sweeps past the Earth.

On April 19, an asteroid sweeps past the Earth.

Astronomers say that on April 19, a huge asteroid reaching the size of the rock of Gibraltar will come to our planet for a safe but uncomfortable close distance.

“Although we remain safe, but for stones of this size, this distance is rare,” said NASA.

Asteroid 2014-JO25 is 650 meters wide and will approach 1.8 million km (5 times less than the Earth-Moon distance). Asteroids are a reason for panic, as small fragments are attracted by the planet every week and more than once. But an object of this size last approached us in 2004. It was the 5-kilometer Tautatis, which passed in 4 Earth-Moon distances.

The next major guest should be expected only in 2027. This will be the 800-meter asteroid 199-AN10, which fits one Earth-Moon distance (380,000 km). The last time the 2014-JO25 visited us 400 years ago and will return no earlier than in 2600 years. April 19 will give all astronomers a good opportunity to observe the asteroid literally up close.

For two nights it can be viewed in small amateur telescopes. For the first time, an asteroid was spotted in May 2014 with the help of the Katalin sky survey (Arizona). April 19 also expect the arrival of comet C / 2011 L4, which is no closer than 175 million km. Now it can be seen at dawn with binoculars or a small telescope.

Asteroids are stone and metal formations, and comets are represented by ice, dust and stones. Both were formed 4.5 billion years ago.

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