Splash with a Star Birth

Splash with a Star Birth

This is really an amazing sight, exploding with new stars. Pink fireworks managed to capture the Hubble Space Telescope. You see areas of intense star formation created by a massive blow. The huge galaxy NGC 4490 has a smaller galaxy in the gravitational capture, which leads to its voltage.

If you compare gravity with other fundamental forces, it is inferior. But still noticeably affects massive objects, even at great distance. We see the distorted form of NGC 4490 created by its gravity tug.

Millions of years of thrust between NGC 4490 and NGC 4485 brought together two galaxies. As a result, they collided, merging gas and stars into a single space. The picture is no longer the most intense period of formation. Galaxies merged and now diverge. But after billions of years they will converge again. Together form the Arp 269 system, distant by 24 million light years in the constellation of the Hounds of Dogs. It can be traced that they were previously separate spiral galaxies, since the sleeves are still visible in NGC 4485.

This cosmic event created ripples with high gas and dust density. These are excellent conditions for the emergence of new stars. Also noticeable is a thin thread that connects the galaxies. The star bridge extends over 24,000 light years. NGC 4490 has seen several supernova explosions in recent decades.

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