The British astronaut plans to take part in the London Marathon

during his time in space.

The British astronaut plans to take part in the London Marathon

Tim Peak dreamed not only of becoming an astronaut, but also of implementing a race in outer space.

The astronaut from the UK announced that in April, when the London Marathon starts on Earth, he plans to run the race on board the first International Space Station.

For Pick, the long-distance race is already a habit. According to the European Space Agency, in 1999 he already participated in the London Marathon in the capital of Great Britain, having covered a distance of 3 hours, 18 minutes and 50 seconds. Of course, the astronaut is not sure that he will be able to break his record while in space, since it is very difficult to run there.

Driving on a treadmill is complicated by the lack of gravity. Mounts do not allow to fly into space, but they create obstacles. Peak showed the representatives of the European Space Agency a backpack with a belt and shoulder straps with which to mount. “After 40 minutes, you begin to feel great inconvenience,” - said in his statement. “I do not think I can set any personal record. My goal is to run a distance of between three and a half to four hours. ”

With the help of modern digital technology, Peak will be able to become a virtual participant in the race; with his iPad, he will see everything that will surround real runners. “I look forward to when I can participate in such a mass event to be held on Earth,” he said. With his participation, the astronaut also hopes to raise funds for the British charity organization Prince's Trust.

Peak is currently in Kazakhstan, where, together with the Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA astronaut Tim Kopra, is preparing for the launch of the space expedition, which will be held on December 15. Surely in his arsenal there are tools that will prevent the appearance of corns.

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