Astronaut with fear of heights

Astronaut with fear of heights

When NASA astronaut Joe Akaba went on a space walk on a recent trip to the ISS, it was clear how tightly he held on to the mount. All this is a consequence of his fear of heights. He is not shy when the pictures show how tenaciously he squeezes the railing.

On February 28, Aqaba returned to Earth and gave his first public appearance. He shared future plans for lunar flights, as well as cooperation with Russian colleagues. The astronaut spent 300 days in space on three missions. He points out that space flights for individuals are much more affordable than many people think.

Next year several commercial flights are being prepared, accompanied by astronauts. Going into space is always a complicated matter, but this does not stop enthusiasts from pursuing the colonization of the Moon and Mars.

It is logical to go back to the moon first. Mankind has already set foot on this territory and now has more advanced technologies. The Earth satellite can be a starting point for further missions to Mars and beyond. The main goal - to get to the Red Planet in the 2030s. On September 13, 2017, Aqaba flew with a crew of Russian colleagues on Expedition 53/54. Despite political friction, crew members do not feel this outside the Earth. Aqaba says that in space work you become higher than the state feuds and concentrate on the main goal.

For six months, the crew conducted a series of scientific experiments. Research focused on the manufacture of fiber-optic filaments under microgravity, improving the accuracy of the implanted glucose biosensor and measuring the influence of solar energy on the Earth.

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