Mikhail Lightman about the new world

Mikhail Lightman about the new world

Technological progress has made our lives easier, but did not make her happier. Over the past few decades, we have developed technology as much as we have not developed over the millennia of human development. We have created airplanes, cars, computers, phones and various electronic toys. But we still cannot fill the emptiness within us.

Mikhail Laitman says that capitalist development has led us to a dead end. Production, robotics, the creation of artificial intelligence did not solve the problems of all people who live barely making ends meet. Of the 7 billion people, 1 million enjoy all the benefits. This is contrary to the laws of nature. Dr. Mikhail Lightman explains that switching from the old world to the new will be special and that people will exist according to different principles and on a different level.

People will live in the knowledge of another world, which is outside of us, not from its five earthly organs of sensations that feel the world inside: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and tactile sensations. Dr. explains: if we unite internally, we will begin to feel in ourselves another world that exists outside of us, which is higher than our world and which governs our world. We will study its laws, we will develop correctly and we will not be mistaken. The new world is a world of forces and properties, and not objects and phenomena, which are drawn in our egoistic imagination. We will create a new society, on other principles, where everyone will have everything they need. We will use synergistic energy that works on the balance of positive and negative forces of nature. This does not mean that we will be like robots or aliens. Simply there will be absolutely other technologies.

Mikhail Laitman explains that the next level of humanity is not materialistic, but a level of vibrations, strength and energy. All that we have created throughout the development of mankind will not exist, since we will not need it. For this it is necessary to acquire another nature - altruistic. And having acquired a new altruistic nature, we will begin to feel a completely different world. This is not fantastic! Imagine all that our ancestors dreamed of, we have today. We ourselves are representatives of scientific progress. With our thoughts and actions we build reality. And if we all want to live in a safe world, without a warrior, financial crises, family problems, hunger, unemployment, illness and other sufferings, then we will create such a world full of harmony. The need of people to create a new world, a new society will force us to leave the old world. By the number of depressions, suicides, drug use, alcohol in the world, people understand that this is a critical condition and that it is impossible to live like this anymore. Economic and technological institutes cannot offer humanity a solution to all these problems, and electronic toys no longer bring joy. Nothing fills people anymore! Suffering has already got people, which is nowhere else. We have enough to suffer! Technological development at an egoistic level is over. We need to create a new world!

Mikhail Laitman - Ph.D., Master of Biocibernetics. Dr. Lightman was born in 1946 in Vitebsk, graduated from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University in the field of biological and medical cybernetics.

The author of the article: S. Kuznetsova.

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