AS Creation Natural Space wallpaper

AS Creation Natural Space wallpaper

AS Creation is a company that is considered to be one of the best wallpaper manufacturers. German quality, valued all over the world, has also proven itself in the production of wallpaper, due to which AS Creation products are loved in all European countries. In addition, this company boasts its series under the sonorous name: “Natural Space”, which will appeal to all lovers of space and not only!

The wallpaper of this company is not only very elegant, due to which even the most demanding customer is able to taste, but also environmentally friendly, since they lack toxic substances. All wallpapers are made of “breathing” materials, that is, they are capable of passing air through the smallest pores on the surface. In this fact, you can be sure and in fact, you just squeeze the wallpaper with your finger. They are easy, and without any harm to themselves, shrink, thanks to the porous structure.

The AS Creation collection has a huge assortment of wallpapers that can decorate a room of absolutely any layout and create a unique atmosphere in it, be it a mystical forest dazzling with undertones, or a cozy home decoration with soothing tones and images. So one of the latest collections, Natural Space, is able to convey the beauty of nature, because it was created in complete harmony with it. A soft and charming palette, elegant decors, imitation of flowers, leaves and branches - all these elements can create a charming masterpiece from the room, in which the flora is an integral part of the interior. Natural Space will bring a bit of natural poetic beauty to any apartment.

Today, A.S. Creation is considered one of the most influential producers in the wallpaper market not only in Europe, but in the whole world. In their unique collections all the time there are new ideas and bold moves. The range of the company is expanding from year to year, offering the public the latest design solutions. Among the creators of their collections A.S. Creation boasts such big names as Luigi Colani, Karl Heinz Tselinsky and Karl Lagerfeld. With these unique talents, these people make us understand that the beauty of the world can be reflected not only on the close canvases of painters, but also on the wallpaper covering the walls of our houses, recreating the fascinating and original world of their own fantasies in one cramped room.

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