NASA is not trying to break the connection with Roscosmos

NASA is not trying to break the connection with Roscosmos

The Soyuz rocket was installed upright on October 9, 2018, at the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan). A new mission on the ISS is scheduled for October 11 with astronaut Tyler Haig and astronaut Alexei Ovchinin

The head of the US space agency said on October 9 that he was confident that the investigators would be able to determine the cause of the mysterious hole on the ISS. Recall that the Russian representatives believe that she was drilled intentionally.

NASA administrator Jim Brydenstein also said that cooperation with Roscosmos remains important, despite recent comments by agency head Dmitry Rogozin that Russia will not accept a supporting role in NASA’s intention to create an outpost near the moon.

The emerged hole in the Russian capsule of the Union, docked to the ISS, led to a short-term decrease in air pressure in August, before it was repaired. The incident spawned many rumors and accusations.

The US plans to develop a program of commercial launches to the orbital station from its own land, but Russia should not consider itself abandoned. “The day will come when we will have our own access to the ISS through a commercial crew. But this is not a replacement for the Union, ”said Bidenstein. “We just want to cut costs and increase the number of launches, but American astronauts will still use Russian services. And we would like Russian cosmonauts to use our devices. ” It is important to note Russia's position regarding the American project Gateway - the creation of an orbital outpost of the Moon. Rogozin said that Russia is not able to participate in foreign projects on the sidelines. But Brydenstein says international cooperation is key.

“We are going to create a structure between the Earth and the Moon, where you can travel with robots and landing gear, as well as humans,” he said. - “Such a system requires constant use and partnership.

Brydenstein and Rogozin met on October 9 in Moscow. Both will take part in the fourth launch of a manned capsule on the ISS from the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan)

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