NASA is negotiating the work of the ISS

NASA is negotiating the work of the ISS

US astronauts, including the one shown after landing Scott Tingle, participate in space missions on the ISS

The head of NASA is negotiating with several global companies on operations that will take place on the ISS in the coming years. Jim Bridestein said that there were people who are able to engage in commercial operations on the ISS. Specific companies were not named.

At the beginning of 2018, the White House administration announced that in 2025 it would stop direct funding of the orbital station. This message provoked active discussion among lawmakers. The biggest critic was Ted Cruz.

A station worth $ 100 billion

Annual US investments in the space laboratory reach $ 3-4 billion.

NASA is negotiating the work of the ISS

Astronaut Serena Anunon during a press conference at the Baikonur cosmodrome (Russia) before the scheduled launch on June 6, 2018

Construction, launch and operation of the station at an altitude of 400 km above the Earth cost $ 100 billion. Since 2000, the space laboratory, which in size reaches the parameters of a football field, has been occupied by cosmonauts from Russia, Japan, Canada and European partners.

Experts report that the international orientation of the ISS and dependence on global cooperation may complicate US privatization plans. It is also worth remembering that the aerospace giant Boeing participated in the creation of the station and provided ongoing technical support. Boeing space station program manager Mark Malken says that it is impossible to transfer to private companies the right to own the ISS, as they are not yet able to guarantee the maintenance of the station’s operation.

NASA is negotiating the work of the ISS

Jim Bridestein became the head of the US space agency NASA in April 2018

Bridedestein said Tuesday that the agency’s main priorities are to return people to the moon and restore space launches from American territory. Americans do not use native shuttles since 2011, when the 30-year program retired. Since then, the United States has had to pay more than $ 70 million for flights to the ISS on Soyuz spacecraft.

NASA plans to create a new outpost that will revolve around the moon and will be the starting point for future space exploration and even Martian missions. He has already been called the Moon Gateway, which should prepare people for their return to the lunar surface. The first components are about to launch in 2022 on a powerful SLS rocket.

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