5 facts about Albert Einstein that you might not have heard of

  1. Not the Losers at All

5 facts about Albert Einstein that you might not have heard of

Earlier there was a myth that Einstein got two, and almost was lagging behind. This idea is especially often used by some students who believe that it is possible to become brilliant without any problems, despite poor academic performance. However, it is not.

In fact, Einstein was smart beyond his years. By the age of 11, he knew physics on a par with any college student. He spent all his free time reading and doing maths. New books, as well as equipment for experiments, received from uncle and Max Talmud (this student visited their family on Thursdays).

How did the myth come about? First of all, Albert hated stupid people. Moreover, the status of the teacher was not the authority. Therefore, he could argue and even scoff at his own professors, for which he was disliked and considered conceited as an ignoramus. But the transition from the German school to the Swiss was most influential. This is in contrast to knowledge assessment systems. That is, it was inverted, where the five was considered a stake and vice versa (6-point system). This is a banal misunderstanding, which in no way reflects the knowledge of the scientist himself.

  1. No socks

5 facts about Albert Einstein that you might not have heard of

In his youthful years, Einstein could easily turn his head in love with girls. He was an interesting conversationalist and incredibly beautiful. Moreover, he adored to dress elegantly and always chose high-quality fabric for costumes.

After the death of his wife he switched to a more comfortable appearance and forgot about dandy outfits. All his time was devoted to science, so he was not particularly worried about appearance. However, his strange dislike for socks still caught his eye. Most of the time he wore ordinary sandals, but his shoes also featured bare feet. Why? He did not really explain. But once he said that the socks are worn out all the time. Especially quickly wiped thumb. He did not want to constantly worry about the holes, and he decided to abandon this attribute altogether. Of course, he still did not forget that he had to go into high society. Therefore, at official receptions, he wore long pants or high shoes, so as not to shock civilized society.

  1. He paid off his wife's Nobel Prize

5 facts about Albert Einstein that you might not have heard of

With Albert, his first wife (Mileva Maric) had a complicated and rather strange relationship. When the first thoughts of divorce arose, Einstein wrote her a letter with a kind of contract. He was ready to continue the relationship if she fulfilled a number of conditions:

  • His clothes and underwear should be in perfect condition.
  • The bedroom and the study must be kept clean.
  • three meals a day.
  • no intimacy.
  • she is obliged to shut up on demand.

The girl tried to fulfill the requirements, but it did not help. The marriage collapsed in 1914 (Einstein was in love with his cousin) and they officially divorced in 1919. But in order to achieve a divorce, the scientist promised to send half of the annual salary, as well as to give all the money if he received the Nobel Prize. He kept his word.

  1. Under the supervision of the FBI

5 facts about Albert Einstein that you might not have heard of

The scientist moved to the USA in 1933 from that moment on him was closely followed by the FBI. He was suspected in connection with communists, and some even considered it more dangerous than Joseph Stalin. They believed that he was a spy and works for the USSR. Moreover, the FBI was not too lazy to negotiate with the immigration service to find a way to deport Einstein. The wiretapping was conducted at work and in the house. The agents looked through the mail, tapped phone conversations and tracked all the meetings. There is nothing surprising in moving a scientist. He was a Jew by birth, and in 1933 the anti-Semitic movement grew. In Germany, not only threats and insults were rained at him, and the possibility of an assassination was openly discussed. Therefore, he and his family moved to America on a guest visa, and then tried to stay forever when the Nazis appeared.

When issuing a visa, he was questioned for a long time, which made him angry. However, it was still allowed to stay, since his contribution to science was too valuable. Einstein moved, realizing that he would continue to be monitored until the last days.

History says that Einstein invited to visit in the USSR, but he refused because he opposed totalitarianism. He liked democratic socialism more. However, no one began to understand his views, so for some American contemporaries he remained “a friend of the Communists”.

  1. Love for the handset

5 facts about Albert Einstein that you might not have heard of

It can be said that Einstein had three passions: science, women and smoking. He adored his pipe. He was often seen in conversation surrounded by fog, he smoked at work and during rest. Moreover, it was rumored that during walks he put the found cigarette butts into his pocket, so that later he would shake out the remaining tobacco and fill it with a pipe.

Einstein began to smoke while studying in Zurich and did not give up the habit even after the doctor's instructions. He always said that the process of smoking allows you to escape from the hustle and focus on important things. They say that once he accidentally fell into the water from a boat, but still managed to save his beloved pipe. It is not surprising that he became a life participant in Montreal Smokers Club, and one of his pipes is still kept in the National Museum of American History.


Before you, only 5 facts about Albert Einstein. However, his life was interesting and multifaceted, so there is still a lot of unusual information. For example, he began to speak late and suspected that he had autism. He was an inventor, played the violin perfectly, and even received an offer to become the President of Israel. If you're interested, you can read the book “Albert Einstein: His Life and His Universe”, written by Walter Isaacson. In it you will get acquainted not only with his scientific research, but also learn the details of the life of an ordinary person.

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