Britain has closed a contract with the Galileo system

Britain has closed a contract with the Galileo system

Launch of the Galileo satellite rocket, which should increase the capabilities of satellite navigation in Europe

Britain was officially excluded from future contracts related to the Galileo satellite navigation system. British representatives say that this decision of the European Union will only harm the union itself.

On 13 June, in the Council of the European Space Agency, the member states agreed to continue the purchase of the next stage of Galileo. But British companies are no longer eligible to bid on contracts. Some believe that in the EU, Galileo was used as a bargaining tactic, but the British say they are not going to negotiate based on security issues. The Galileo program is designed for commercial purposes, such as logistics, as well as the armed forces and emergency services. Brussels warned that London would be denied access to Galileo's encrypted signals after leaving the EU, citing legal questions about the exchange of confidential information with a non-member state.

Britain played an important role in the creation of Galileo (an alternative to American GPS), whose system should fully function in 2026. Britain may require about $ 1.3 billion in compensation for its investment in the program.

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