Idaho became the first International Reserve of Dark Sky

Idaho became the first International Reserve of Dark Sky

A large part of central Idaho is now reserved for America’s first International Dark Sky Preserve. Under this allocated area of ​​3,600 km 2. This part of the earth is not inhabited by a huge number of people, which does not create light pollution and makes it possible to see interstellar dust clouds in the Milky Way.

Researchers say that 80% of North Americans live in areas where stars are almost invisible. The central part of Idaho covers some of the most remote lands in the state and is managed by the US Forest Service.

Tourism does not flourish in this territory and there is no population, and the Forest Service supports the preservation of natural conditions without the influence of artificial light. This place is opposed to cities with many bright advertising posters. Scientists say that a surplus of artificial lighting leads to problems with sleep and disrupts the life of the night wildlife. “Dark Sky” can solve these problems and even attract tourists.

Within the reserve is the resort area of ​​Sun Valley (Sun Valley), which is also based on restricting the use of artificial light. Therefore, anyone can come and plunge into the primeval atmosphere of darkness with a beautiful view of our galaxy.

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