Kava-Kava tablets: what are they and why are they taken?

Kava-Kava tablets: what are they and why are they taken?

The intoxicating pepper is a medicinal plant growing on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, the whole value of which is concentrated in the massive root system. The older the shrub, the more pronounced its analgesic and sedative properties. Produce a healing food supplement in the form of an extract, capsules and a soluble mixture for the preparation of beverages. In the Vitamins.in.ua online store, Kava-Kava tablets are also sold.

Kava: Down with the Depression!

In a state of constant anxiety, a sense of fear and anxiety, almost every inhabitant of our planet is located. The effects of stress are expressed in the form of headaches, insomnia, constant fatigue, nervousness, and many psychosomatic disorders. The state of depression negatively affects the sex life. To calm the nervous system, scientists (relying on new research) propose to resort not only to psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, but also to medicines. An effective natural antidepressant is the plant Kava-Kava. The effect of taking supplements is expressed:

  • sedation;
  • relaxed;
  • analgesic / antispasmodic effects;
  • getting rid of chronic pain.

In addition, an intoxicating pepper has a tranquilizing effect, so the use of pills helps in the fight against addiction (alcohol, drugs). And thanks to the sedative properties, Kava-Kava is used for insomnia (mild form). Like Hydrastis (Canadian Yellow Root), the additive has a choleretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The peculiarity of the drug is to obtain deep relaxation, but at the same time maintaining a clear mind. And yet, the additive is suitable for vegetarians, since it does not contain eggs, dairy products, yeast, sugar, or salt (read about the presence of all the components on the website of the Vitamins.in.ua online store).

Kava-Kava - safe dosage

All the above positive results can be achieved only if the correct dosage is observed. Otherwise, the patient may experience:

  • liver damage (at high dosages over a long period of administration);
  • dizziness;
  • clouded consciousness.

It is not necessary to combine the additive with drugs and other drugs that affect the psyche. In order to avoid negative consequences, purchase drugs with a certain content of cavalactones, the number of which in mg is indicated on the packaging or in the product description on the website (no more than 180 mg per day). Do not let stress become part of your daily life today!

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