ECOSTRESS will go to the next mission to the station

ECOSTRESS will go to the next mission to the station

ECOSTRESS instrument in a sterile room. Measures the temperature of plants, making it possible to understand the regular use of water

SpaceX is preparing to launch the 15th campaign on the ISS, which is planned to be held on June 29 from the Kennedy Space Center (FL). The ship will deliver scientific instruments that will examine the use of water by plants. Total has 5 new studies.


Plants regulate their temperature by emitting water through tiny pores on the leaves. If they have enough water, they are able to maintain a degree. If not, the temperature rises. This change can be calculated using a sensor in space.

ECOSTRESS created at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The device measures the temperature of plants and uses data to better understand how much water a plant needs and how they react to stress.

Mobile Friend

In long-distance space travel you can not do without the help of artificial intelligence. It was decided to take up this issue at ESA and study the use of AI as a way to reduce the level of stress and workload of the crew during a long flight.

Rodent Investigation-7

Space flight affects the body. This study will explore how the microgravity environment affects microbial communities in the gastrointestinal tract. Scientists also assess the relationship between systemic changes, such as disruption of the sleep cycle and imbalance of microbial populations. Identify the factors contributing to their development, and support the development of countermeasures to protect the health of astronauts during long missions. Cancer Therapy

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the leading causes of death in developed countries. Scientists are studying whether cultured endothelial cells are a valid model for testing the effect of VTA on normal blood vessels.

The results can create a model system for creating safe drugs aimed at cancerous tumors. Thus, it helps pharmaceutical companies to develop safe means for vessels.

Chemical Gardens

Chemical gardens are structures that grow in the period of contact of solutions of metal salts with silicates, carbonates and other selected anions. Their growth characteristics and attractive final forms are created by the complex process of interaction between reaction-diffusion processes and self-organization.

On Earth, the gravitational flow due to differences in buoyancy between reagents complicates our understanding of the physics of chemical gardens. Conducting an experiment in microgravity will allow a better assessment of the evolution of these structures.

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