Scientists analyze the chemical properties of 68 Taurus

Scientists analyze the chemical properties of 68 Taurus

French researchers decided to conduct a new analysis of the star 68 Taurus in order to derive more accurate chemical components.

The double star lives at a distance of 150 light years, located in an open cluster of Hyades. With a temperature mark of 9025 K and a mass of 2.3 solar, it is considered the most heated and massive member of the group.

It was originally believed that this is the star of the main A-type sequence. But a further review brought out the metal line with a shortage of scandium and an excess of iron and heavy elements. The last analysis dates back to 2003, so we decided to refresh the data and expand the specifications. For this purpose, SOPHIE spectrum modeling (R = 75000) with high resolution was used, applying updated models of the atmosphere and spectrum synthesis. The team noticed a clear shortage of scandium and a slight lack of carbon, oxygen, silicon, magnesium and calcium. But in large quantities there is iron and rare elements for the Earth.

Scientists also recorded a difference from previous measurements, which indicates the importance of re-checking. New data confirm that 68 Taurus is a chemically peculiar star Am.

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