Magnetic fields on the hottest planets in the galaxy

Magnetic fields on the hottest planets in the galaxy

A new study provides the ability to calculate the magnetic field strength of the hottest planets in the galaxy. This issue involved scientists from the University of Newcastle (UK). They looked at the “hot Jupiter” and found that their magnetic field is responsible for the unusual behavior of atmospheric winds.

It turned out that instead of the eastern movement, they turned to the west. Similar was noticed on the planet HAT-P-7b. Thanks to this, Tamara Rogers calculated the magnetic field strength. This discovery will help to much more deeply study the processes of formation and migration of such planets, as well as improve knowledge of the solar system. The filament temperature is so huge that it causes the lines, sodium and potassium to ionize. Because of this, the magnetic field comes into contact with atmospheric winds. As a result, the winds are redirected in opposite directions.

“Burnt” planets

Modern scientists are focused not only on galaxies and stars, but also exoplanets. The easiest way to study the class of hot Jupiter, because they are located close to their stars. Their dimensions and temperature marks help to test theories about gas dynamics.

HAT-P-7b is 40% larger than the size of Jupiter. It is so close to the star that the temperature rises by day to 2500 ° C, and at night it drops to 1400 ° C.

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