3D model of supernova reveals the secrets of dying stars

3D model of supernova reveals the secrets of dying stars

Scientists have succeeded in creating the longest consistent three-dimensional model of a supernova neutrino explosion, which will help to better understand the process of the violent death of massive stars.

The largest explosions (supernovae) occur when stars exceeding solar parameters approach the end of their existence and consume all internally fuels. Scientists for a long time could not decipher the moment of falling stars and the transition to an explosive reaction. Recent research suggests that the key could be a neutrino.

The surface of a young star radiates a huge amount of neutrinos. With high heat, their temperature rises, and the collapse returns. This tried to check with the help of computer models. For success, it was important to get an explosion of hot and cold material behind the shock wave. The team managed to recreate the fusion of oxygen with silicon in a star that is 18 times larger than ours, 6 minutes before the activation of the supernova.

It turned out they managed to create an explosion and follow it for more than 2 seconds. Of course, for further information you need to watch at least a day, but the model now displays a real picture of what is happening.

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