Space dust is born in supernova flashes

Space dust is born in supernova flashes

Researchers assure that they managed to solve one of the most ancient secrets: exactly how cosmic dust is formed throughout the universe space.

Cosmic dust is represented by small fragments or organic material that is distributed throughout the cosmos. Dust mainly forms in stars, and then is ejected by slow wind currents or a large-scale stellar explosion.

Astronomers for a long time could not understand why the interstellar medium is filled with such a large amount of cosmic dust. Moreover, theoretical analyzes have shown that supernova explosions should destroy it.

Supernova - the next stage after the violent death of a star. This is one of the most powerful events in the Universe, during which a shock wave is formed, destroying everything in its path. However, a new study found a cluster of cosmic dust around the 1987A supernova explosion closest to us. An SOFIA infrared survey was used for observation, which noticed cosmic dust in a set of supernova rings. The data indicate a rapid growth of dust inside the rings. So, it is able to form due to a supernova explosion.

Previously, it has never been taken into account that the medium after the explosion is capable of arranging conditions for the formation or transformation of the dust form. Dust particles can burn hot from tens to hundreds of degrees, because of which they glow in the infrared and millimeter ranges.

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