Should I land on Venus again?

Should I land on Venus again?

For the last time, the mission of Magellan, who managed to create this image before her death in 1994, was studying the surface of Venus.

Venus is an incredibly beautiful hellish landscape, where the clouds are filled with sulfuric acid, the surface is red-hot to the extent that it melts lead, and the speed of winds surpasses earthly hurricanes. That is why only a few lucky robots managed to touch the surface of the second planet from the Sun, although no one could hold out for more than two hours. However, scientists are striving to understand the mechanisms of this world, so they are considering the idea of ​​creating a solid landing ship.

While the project is at the stage of paperwork, where the ideas of the mission, tasks, possible solutions to problems and the choice of ship design are studied. The considered date is scheduled for 2026.

Representatives of NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos are working on a specific project. Interestingly, NASA has always concentrated on studying Mars, although it made a couple of attempts to land on Venus. But Roskosmos has the opposite situation, because they sent a lot of probes and completed a successful landing. Agencies are now collaborating to discuss a new type of mission to Venus: a landing gear capable of surviving hellish conditions for several months and transmitting important data about the planet to Earth.

Should I land on Venus again?

The left half of the panoramic view of the surface of Venus from the landing module Venus-13. Now the specific objectives of the mission are discussed, as well as an amazing opportunity to observe the change of day and night in this unusual world (the fact is that the day on Venus lasts longer than a year!) Also, the device will be able to study volcanic activity, such as a channel with a length of 7700 km (more than the Earth's Nile), supposedly cut out by lava. It is important to note that this is impossible on Earth, so the geology of Venus may seem strange and bizarre.

We'll have to think carefully about the design of the ship, so that he survived in such conditions. The fact is that some scientific secrets of this planet are still secrets. However, it is encouraging that it is much easier to get to Venus (right now, the Parker probe is flying past the planet to the Sun).

Committee members are considering many important issues to submit a detailed mission report by the end of January. We have to take into account all the time, costs and the importance of creating such a device and the very study of Venus.

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